This section shows work being carried out on air brake systems, the special tools used for this work and the refurbishment of brake system components. We can supply you with the tools that we use to perform air brake work and can assist you with your brake system rebuild or the rebuilding of the parts therein.

Please email Canal Car and describe the brake work that you want carried out and how we can assist you, along with your contact information.
Brake key removal tools   Removal of frozen or rusted disc brake shoe keys can be a real problem, especially if the keys were put in backwards and you can't get a sledge hammer in to beat them out. The tools shown here can be a big help in removing them.
Disc brake cylinders are removed from a car, during the COT&S, disassembled and refurbished, before being reinstalled in good-as-new condition.   Brake cylinder to be rebuilt
Brake cylinder before and after   The refurbished brake cylinder looks just as good as it did the day that it rolled out of the brake shop, the first time, and it works equally as well. The difference is notable.
Brake cylinder tester   After assembly, brake cylinders are tested using this tester. It also comes in handy when installing the cylinders back into the brake tongs because, with it, the piston may be extended a bit to allow the pins to drop in easily.
And, speaking of brake tongs, the problem of installing the disc brake cylinder and the handbrake chain can be solved using this easily-fabricated special pin, among other tools.   Brake tong assembly pin
Another useful air brake test device is used to perform hydrostatic tests on air reservoirs and tanks, to certify them leak free and fit for service.   Hydrostatic tester
Brake valve blanking plate   When performing a COT&S, the brake valves must be removed and sent to the air brake shop. Depending on the turnaround time, the pipe bracket and other parts of the brake system can be exposed to the elements for too long. How to protect them?
A simple adapter can be used to connect the shop air supply to a car's brake pipe so that a single car test can be performed in the absense of train air.   Shop air/brake pipe adapter