This section shows the various kinds of electrical apparatus that can be rebuilt and/or custom fabricated. Complete controls plus weather-tite enclosures can be supplied for mounting on your external subsystems (e.g. generator, AC, refrigeration). Other kinds of controls are also available, such as heating thermostats. Enclosures of any shape and size can be fabricated in interior or rain-tite models from carbon or stainless steel.

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Standard electrical enclosure   Standardized, exterior electrical enclosures provide a water-tite box where electrical or mechanical components can be located, underneath the car, protected from the elements and flying debris.
The electrical control panel is a key component of a reliably operating railroad car. Here, the controls for all of the car's functions should be grouped together logically and the controls should be intuitively located and easy to use.   Railcar control panel
Punched electrical panel   The sequence of steps in the construction of a custom-designed control panel, built in a galvanized box, that is meant for turnkey installation into a railcar, is shown here.
Electrical components located in the electrical locker should be situated where they can easily be accessed for trouble shooting and maintenance.   Electrical locker components
Vapor heating thermostat   All-electric car heating can still be operated by the original steam heat controls, to give the railroad car an authentic look, after it has been restored.