Pin for installing the handbrake chain. Photo by E. Wilde, 2008 Jan 11.

Installing the tongs that are operated by the hand brake may prove to be problematic. The link to the chain must be balanced on top of the tong and held there while the end of the cylinder is slipped in. I don't know how you'd do this without four hands, or a special pin to hold them in place while the cylinder is wrestled into position. Since none of us are going to grow a fourth hand, two of these pins can be made from a piece of black iron pipe and a couple of washers. Cut them short enough not to interfere with insertion of the cylinder but long enough to hold the link in place atop the tongs. Photo by E. Wilde, 2008 Jan 11.

Brake tong pin wrench. Photo by E. Wilde, 2020 Sep 25.

When tightening up the castellted nut on the ends of disc brake tong pins, the pin is apt to rotate and prevent you from turning the nut against the thread friction caused by the spring pressure. This special purpose pin wrench allows the tong pin to be held in place as the nut is tightened. A simple tool makes the job so much easier. Photo by E. Wilde, 2020 Sep 25.