Vapor heating thermostat. Photo by E. Wilde, 2002 Jan 24.

A Vapor, steam heat thermostat, which has been refurbished and rewired to operate an SSR (see the Documentation section), is ready to be installed in a custom fabricated stainless steel pedestal enclosure. Repurposing and reusing original components gives your car an authentic look, when it is restored. Photo by E. Wilde, 2002 Jan 24.

Main contactors. Photo by E. Wilde, 2002 Feb 3.

A 240V Solid State Relay (SSR), bolted to a suitable heat sink (in this case a metal wall) can be used to control electric baseboard heaters with the existing thermostats, and the baseboard heaters can be installed in place of the original, steam floor heat heat exchangers. Sometimes, the thermostat will have to be rewired (see the documentation section), but the SSR itself can operate directly on the 32V DC thermostat power with no need for a current limiting resistor. Photo by Eric Wilde, 2002 Feb 3.