Refurbished door engine. Photo by E. Wilde, 2002 Feb 3.

A refurbished and rewired door engine installed in the car ceiling above the door. You can't beat working door engines for making a great first impression on your passengers. A description of how the door engine can be rebuilt to operate on 120V can be found in the documentation section. Photo by E. Wilde, 2002 Feb 3.

Door engine transformer. Photo by E. Wilde, 2002 Feb 3.

Here, a 120V transformer can be seen mounted on a bracket in a spot out of the way of the working parts of the door engine. It supplies enough current to operate the two 32V solenoid valves that control the air flow. Alternately, the two solonoid valves could be replaced with valves with 120V coils. Photo by Eric Wilde, 2002 Feb 3.