In this section you will see various mechanical components or systems that can be refurbished, upgraded or supplied new for your car. Also, we include pictures of the types of mechanical work we can perform.

If you don't see what you need, please email Canal Car and describe what it is that you are looking for, along with your contact information.
Heating/AC blower   The proper testing of air reservoirs and tanks requires that they be removed, from underneath the car, and hydrostatically tested. It's also a good time to remove all of the old paint, when they are out in the open, and prime/repaint them. Any repairs or changes to the undercar piping can be done at the same time.
Replacing truck springs is a job that requires jacking one end of the car at a time, so that the springs can be unsprung and removed from the equalizers and, if necessary, the bolster/spring plank.   Replacing truck springs
Vapor heating thermostat   Working mechanical systems, such as door engines, indicate that your car is in top shape. Simply disconnecting the door engine and depending on muscle power is an all too easy shortcut that we'd rather avoid.