Should you need a representative, who is experienced with the workings of private cars, to talk to a manufacturer or supplier on your behalf during the procurement phase of your car rebuilding or refurbishing project, Canal Car is happy to oblige. We have extensive experience with all of the systems on board a railway car and can develop specifications for any components thereof. We are also conversant with the methods used by equipment manufacturers and suppliers and can ensure that your specifications are met.

Representation can also be extended to the operating railroads. If you are in need of someone to make your case to a railroad engineering department, Canal Car can be of assistance.

Using Canal Car to evaluate refurbishing projects, prior to their initiation or while ongoing, will give you the benefit of our experience and help you avoid the many pitfalls that can be so costly. Canal Car can also provide on-site supervision or even specialized labor for all projects.

If you are in need of a representative or require assistance with a project, please email Canal Car and describe what it is that you are looking for, along with your contact information.