Herein you will find photos of custom modified Microphor stainless toilets, rebuilt valves and toilets, and field rebuild kits. We specialize in rebuilding Microphor A.W.S. valves.

If you need help installing toilets into your car, want custom modified toilets to fit in unusual places or would like us to assist with rebuilding or repair of your toilets and valves, please email Canal Car and describe what it is that you are looking for, along with your contact information.
Flush cycle actuator   Rebuilding flush cycle actuators is well worth the effort because it will yield years of reliable, trouble-free operation.
Rebuilt or newly-built Filter/Regulator/Lubricator (F.R.L.) assemblies are important, to provide a clean, dry, lubricated supply of air, at the correct pressure, which, in turn, ensures optimal toilet operation.   Filter/regulator/lubricator
Air/water sequence valve   The air/water sequence valve is the most critical component it a Microphor toilet installation so keeping it in tip-top condition is a must.
The toilet's ejection chamber is pressurized, once it is filled by the flush cycle, to move the waste along to the treatment tank, so it must have good seals all around or an unpleasant sequence of events might occur.   Ejection chamber
Altering stainless steel toilets   Stainless steel Microphor toilets can be altered to fit into many different locations, including upper and lower roomettes.