Herein you will find photos of custom modified Microphor stainless toilets, rebuilt valves and toilets, and field rebuild kits. We specialize in rebuilding Microphor A.W.S. valves.

If you need help installing toilets into your car, want custom modified toilets to fit in unusual places or would like us to assist with rebuilding or repair of your toilets and valves, please email Canal Car and describe what it is that you are looking for, along with your contact information.
Pushbutton Disassembly

Flush cycle activator pushbuttons are carefully disassembled, cleaned and any worn parts are replaced. Complete new rubber is installed on the spool and the button is reassembled with a new spring and circlip, if needed.

Rebuilt Pushbutton

The rebuilt flush cycle activator pushbuttons are as good as new and will give years of trouble-free operation.

Rebuilt F.R.L. Assembly

Existing F.R.L. assemblies are disassembled, cleaned and worn or damaged parts are replaced. New rubber is applied, as are new supply tubes on the lubricators. Brackets are fabricated, if need be. The regulator is set up and calibrated for the proper Microphor system pressure of 63 p.s.i.

New F.R.L. Assembly

Brand new F.R.L. assemblies can be fabricated and supplied with custom-built brackets of your design. We can also suggest brackets that will be appropriate for your mounting situation.

A.W.S. Valve Spool

The complete A.W.S. valve is disassembled, cleaned and all new rubber is installed on the spool assembly. The main spring and circlip is kept unless worn or corroded. Similarly, the poppet, poppet spring and nut are only replaced if need be.

Rebuilt A.W.S. Valve

The rebuilt A.W.S. valve is supplied with a pair of 90 degree street elbows to allow plumbing of the valve from below. The outlet is fitted with a flow control needle valve that allows fine control of the amount of water fed to the toilet, especially during extended flush cycles.

Flapper Piston

The flapper valve piston is rebuilt by disassembling and installing all new rubber into it. Buna-N rebuild kits are available containing all of the o-rings necessary to completly rebuild this valve plus all of the other o-rings needed to refurbish a single toilet.

Flapper Piston Installation

Once the piston and flapper actuator are rehabilitated, the ejection chamber is assembled with a new rubber seal and flapper seal and the air cylinder is reinstalled on its side. Don't forget extended cylinder length is 7-1/4", C-C.

Ejection Chamber Disassembly

A view of something most people would rather not see. The large o-ring that seals the two halves of the chamber is easily visible (hint: make sure this one seals properly in the groove around the edge -- you don't want it to leak). Note that this flapper has not yet been drilled to accept the new style flapper gaskets.

Rebuilt Ejection Chamber

After a good long soak in a bucket of industrial cleaner and bleach, the ejection chamber is brushed clean, flushed out with clear water and then reassembled with a new o-ring and stainless bolts. Better than new! Don't forget to wear rubber gloves for this job!

Cutting a Toilet

Toilets can be made to fit in a variety of non-standard locations. Here, in the first step, a toilet is cut to fit into the spot formerly occupied by a porcelain toilet in a roomette (the toilet must be angled to face out into the roomette, hence this modifcation comes in left and right versions).

New Toilet Top

Next, a sheet of stainless is welded to the top of the toilet and shaped to fit inside the standard roomette seat. This used toilet is in the process of having its original finish restored.

Reduced Height Toilet

The height of the toilet is reduced by two or more inches to allow it to fit underneath the existing roomette seat. If more than two inches of height is removed from the toilet, the ejection chamber must be recessed into the floor, as it protrudes from the bottom of the toilet. Two inches is frequently sufficient, however.

Modified Toilet Installation

A modified toilet, in this case a right handed version (looking from rear to front, the toilet points out to the right) installed in a roomette, using the original seat and cover. The seat bumpers and opening line up perfectly with the modified toilet.

Washstand Toilet Installation

Its a tight fit but all of the components and plumbing for the modified toilet fit in the space of a roomette washstand. With the hallway access door removed, we see the F.R.L. to the top left and the waste pipe exiting to the bottom left. The air valve (green handle) and water valve (orange handle) can be seen, as can the A.W.S. valve. The toilet is visible in the back and the actuator pushbutton is out of the picture at the top, right.

Buna-N Rubber Kit

A Buna-N rubber kit containing all of the o-rings needed to rebuild one A.W.S. valve spool, one pushbutton, one air cylinder and the flapper crank in the ejection chamber is available. See the Parts List for this kit and the other rubber that you will need to completely rebuild a Microphor toilet.

Calibration Tools

Equipment, used in calibrating F.R.L. assemblies to the proper Microphor system pressure of 63 p.s.i., includes a 100 p.s.i. contractor's air gauge. A hose with a standard quick connect at one end is used to supply air to A.W.S. valves for testing. Both the gauge and supply hoses have air-conditioning style knurled connectors for rapid attachment to the 1/4" flare connectors commonly employed on the air supplies of toilet systems.