Canal Car Company rebuilds railway equipment (specifically privately-owned passenger cars), refurbishes life-expired components and fabricates new or replacement parts for railway equipment, designs new or replacement car systems, carries out consulting projects relating to work on private cars and assists in repair and refurbishing projects on site.

The Products section shows various projects we have undertaken, how components are repaired or refurbished and new parts are fabricated. Apart from being useful as documentation of how to go about these projects, any of the items shown can be repaired, refurbished or built for you on a time and materials basis. We're always glad to take on any projects of this nature. Let us know what you need and how we can help.

The Consulting pages show some sample consulting projects that Canal Car has carried out. We are open to all requests for consulting work, not just in the areas shown. The projects shown are not the extent of the work Canal Car does, just examples meant to provoke thought.

  Refurbished components, new and replacement parts, rebuild kits, electrical, and mechanical systems.

  System design (electrical and mechanical), drawings and documentation, representation of the car owner (with suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, and operating railroads), and on-site consulting.